Jason Green
Web Design
We do not just make your website design looking like the same as your drawings and plans, we encode it to suit all browsers and screen sizes. In this way your interface serve different screen sizes and browsers without failuring in user experience.
Web Programming
We code your Web-based applications with our expert developers, tailoring them to the scenario you want. If we do not like the code we write, we write it again, and we put out fast-safe and consistent programs.
Web Programlama
Mobil Programlama
Mobile Programming
With the development of Mobile Technologies, our phones are able to do more with each passing day. Users now want to get services from phones or tablets more than the computers. In order to meet this expectation, we provide coding service in a meticulous manner and thanks to the cross-platform technologies, we are demonstrating applications for both iOS and Android operating systems with shorter project durations.
Database Structure
In large projects we are designing system architecture to provide solutions to the issues of data storage and access to data, which is one of the most common causes of financial and performance problems. We design your application's database layer to meet your needs and provide solutions to your performance-cost problems.
Veritabanı Mimari
Ozel Programlama
Custom Programming
Do you have ideas that were not done before? We provide project specific software, architectural and programming services for reaching your dreams.
Software Manager