Industrial Design
Industrial Design
Industrial Design is the profession which conceptually develops products manufactured by industry for the end user according to criteria such as functionality, the taste of the target group and user needs, and projects them as new products suitable for production. We bring a new perspective by aesthetic and functional solutions to problems by focusing on people. Our understanding of making progress starts with the problem detection, synthesizing the results of researches and observations, and finalization of the product. The concept of products is supported with 2D and 3D visualizations in this pre-solution step. That is, we add values to your product and increase its remarkability.
User Interface (UI) Design
User interface design is a fictionalized design experience providing the communication or interaction between product and user. We offer enjoyable and powerful experiences to the customers by the simplicity of interface and language. We effectively create the visual, tactile or auditory content for mobile and web applications and product interfaces.
User Interface Design
Kurumsal Kimlik
Corporate Identity Design
We embody the brand itself in a visual unity with the corporate identity of the brand. We transform the vision and mission into a valuable and recognized brand identity that makes a difference by combining under a solid idea.
Design Manager
  • Büşra Özcan
  • Industrial Designer