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Our project Lifecare(Supported from TÜBİTAK 1512 Teknogirişim Sermaye Desteği) offers personal and professional solutions to the problems created by today's unconscious movement and high calorie nutrition.
8 Mart ‘Bilimde Kadın Mucitler’ Proje Sergisindeydik
Anadolu Üniversitesi Kadın Çalışmaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi (AKAUM) ve ARİNKOM TTO iş birliğiyle 8 Mart Dünya Emekçi Kadınlar Günü kapsamında düzenlenen “Bilimde Kadın Mucitler” etkinliği 8 Mart 2018 tarihinde Eskişehir Anadolu Üniversitesinde gerçekleşti.
Recent years, improvement of life standarts and quality of health services improved average life time however rising of fatness, obesity, dipoz tissue accumulation which triggers metabolic abnormalities, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other chronicle diseases were observed. Reason of rising of diseases could be changing life styles. Especially, stress caused by modern life, eating disorders and sedentary lifestyle are main reason of diseases. Youth of today will be elderly population soon and this situation points unhealthy aging population. Dietitians and sport coaches are the most conscious way to getting healthy life style. However, people especially elderly ones are not into that. People are following unconscious diets and exercises instead of considering genetic and metabolic factors. This situation brings bigger health problems with it. Our product contains personal BMI&BC measuring device, mobile app provides dietitian/coach according to measurements and web control panel. Thanks to this system user can send their values to expert online and get personal assistance. Product design is constituted by solving problems of other products. This product solves other weight scales’ emplacement problems by rolling itself. BMI measuring devices are consist of 4 devices which are positioning in no sweating region of hands and feet so that help to get accurate results.
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